From the Good Mountain

A Companion Guide for Adults and Children

How Books Were Made in the Fifteenth Century


For Sale: September 2012

Publisher: Manoa Press

152 pages

Fully illustrated

Fully indexed

Size: 7 x 10 in


Interior: black & white

In the months prior to the publication of my children’s book From the Good Mountain: How Gutenberg Changed the World, it occurred to me that it would be a nice idea to offer curious readers a more detailed view of Johannes Gutenberg and how books were made in the fifteenth century. Thus this companion guide was born.

What started out as a thirty- or forty-page volume soon grew into a book of twelve chapters with well over a hundred drawings and diagrams to explain the pictures in my children’s book to people who want to know more. Because the companion book is so large, I have added lots of “see page” references within the text as well as a complete index.

Here are the chapter titles:

1  Introduction

2  Who Was the Man from the Good Mountain?


3   Paper—From Rags to Riches


4   Leather—Gift of the Goats


5   Gold—Wings of a Butterfly


6   Ink—Black as Night


7   Types—Shining like Money


8   The Press—Strong as an Oak


9   The Printing Process


10   Illumination


11  Bookbinding


12  Printers Aren’t People Anymore.

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The cover of a Gutenberg Bible

a page from the children’s book explained

sketches of Gutenberg from my notebook

the paper maker’s screen

the type Gutenberg cast

a diagram of a 15th-century press

tools used by an illuminator

the type case and composing stick

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